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Learn French with MUZZY!

Children, and beginners of all ages, enjoy learning French with MUZZY, The BBC Language Course for Children. MUZZY creates a total learning environment using a brilliant mix of multimedia that children enjoy. Combine this with an early start and your child can't help but succeed!

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With the new MUZZY 20th Anniversary Edition you get all the original MUZZY languages in one programme - French, Spanish, German, Italian and English! Focus on one language or explore all five. Great for growing families and curious kids. This is our best value ever!

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20th Anniversary Edition - Level I
French plus 4 Languages!

Scientific research confirms that the prime time in life for learning a language is from birth to age twelve. NEWSWEEK calls it the "window of opportunity" for languages. In Europe, kids commonly start a second or even a third language at the same time as their first. Why? Because it will never be as easy again. The secret is to start now.

MUZZY uses compelling, animated stories and delightful songs to bring language to life. It's fun and it works. Almost like magic, the proven "see-listen-and-learn" technique engages kids' natural ability to learn a language.

Level I - 20th Anniversary Edition

Price: £145
Available in five easy instalments.

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20th Anniversary Edition - Level II
French plus 4 Languages!

Your kids loved the original. Now here's the rest of the story. The princess is married with a baby, and there is even a daring helicopter rescue! There is fun for all ages when MUZZY returns to Gondoland to visit with his friends.

MUZZY Level II can be used sequentially, after MUZZY Level I. Or, as more and more families have discovered - Level II can be used right along with Level I, creating the broadest possible experience. Introduces hundreds of new words and phrases, as well as rich, new learning in usage, conversation and construction. Now 5 Languages in 1!

Level II - 20th Anniversary Edition

Price: £145
Available in five easy instalments.

Available separately to add to your MUZZY I or II

Software Games and Activities that teach reading and writing skills!

Levels I or II - MUZZY Interactive Software French plus 4 Languages!

Interactive CD-ROMs take your child to the next step in mastering language. These fun, learning games take MUZZY from the spoken word toward written language. They focus on vocabulary, spelling, word recognition, usage and grammar.

If you're already a MUZZY family, MUZZY Interactive is a must. These CD-ROMs will keep your child involved with language learning, and the DVD course you already own, for years to come!

Level I - Interactive Software

Price: £75
Available in five easy instalments.

Level II - Interactive Software

Price: £75
Available in five easy instalments.
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