The World's No. 1 Language Course for Children.  MUZZY BBC.  Now with ALL-New Animation and Sound!

A Simple Method. A Proven Success.

In today's increasingly connected world, a second language opens up a window to a wealth of opportunity for children in their school years and in the years to follow. For over 25 years, MUZZY has been introducing millions of children world-wide to a second language. MUZZY has a long history of success, and now comes freshly alive with all new animation and sound. Developed by the BBC, MUZZY is for children of all ages, and now is a great time to get them started. Let your child explore a bigger world through language.

Featuring All New Animation and Sound!

The beloved MUZZY programme is better than ever! Loving reanimated and re-recorded for the next generation of MUZZY kids, MUZZY is the perfect way to introduce your child to a second language.

To learn how you can try MUZZY free in your home, please click "learn more" to the right, or call us toll-free at 0844 391 1043. Try MUZZY Free - all we ask is that you cover the postage and packing charges, and you'll have the complete MUZZY Programme in the language of your choice, delivered to your door for a full 30 days.



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